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Teen Therapy los angeles


Welcome to Ashley Hudson Therapy

Navigating the teenage years can be tough. Emotions and relationships can have many ups and downs, and there are many different life changes that teenagers have to walk through.


Therapy can provide your teen with a comfortable space to process these challenges, get to know themselves better, and learn new ways of coping and connecting. Reach out to one of our teen therapists in Los Angeles to get started. 

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Most parents of teenagers that we speak with are unsure whether or not what their teenager is going through is normal. This is completely understandable since the teenage years comes with a significant amount of change, figuring out who you are, building confidence, finding a sense of belonging, changes physically and mentally, and learning how to regulate big emotions. It is normal for parents to wonder, "Are these normal struggles or something I need to be concerned about?" Check out below signs your teen might need therapy.

Parent Child Conflict

Teens are feeling hurt and shutting their parents out by giving them the silent treatment or arguing with them nonstop. 


Teens having panic attacks or spiraling thoughts that keep them stuck in their minds.


Teens are struggling with relationship issues; having little to no friends, making the wrong friends, or constantly dealing with friendship drama.

High Expectations

Teenagers will set very high expectations and they are feeling like they are failing because they aren’t achieving those unrealistic standards.


Teens are less motivated, not wanting to participate in the activities they once loved, and isolating themselves from their friends and family. 

People Pleasing

Teenagers will want to please everyone else at the expense of discussing how they truly feel, verbalizing what they want, and being fully authentic.

Sport Anxiety

Competitive teen athlete's are struggling with managing their daily stress, overthinking, and the worries start bleeding into their sports and performance.

Low Self Esteem

Teenagers are consistently talking negatively about themselves and feel they can’t achieve any goal or task.

Signs Your Adolescent Might Need Teen Therapy:

If this sounds like your teenager, no worries we are experienced and motivated teen therapists in Los Angeles CA who are ready to help your teen thrive and be confident in who they are. 

Working with a mental health professional
can give your teen the support they need. 

Teens often experience intense emotions. Working with a mental health professional can offer a safe and confidential space for teens to express their intense feelings, fears, and worries without judgment. The trained family therapist will educate teenagers about mental health, reducing stigma and increasing their ability to recognize when they need help.


Through adolescent therapy Los Angeles CA, teenagers gain insight into their thoughts, behaviors, and patterns, enhancing self-awareness and self-understanding. Most teenagers are hesitant and resistant to discussing their problems with friends or parents. Talking with a teen therapist Los Angeles can help teenagers open up and empower them to seek social support.

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Meet Ashley Hudson lmft


Hello there! I'm a licensed teen therapist who has been helping people in Orange County and Los Angeles CA since 2010. I grew up in Yorba Linda, North OC and used to play college softball.

I've always been interested in helping older children, teens, and young adults. I used to coach high school softball and volunteered at a group home in my community. For the past ten years, I've worked at schools, both public and non-public. At Ashley Hudson Therapy, we offer teen counseling services that you can do in person or online if that's more comfortable for you. I believe that each individual is unique, and I tailor my methods to meet their specific needs. My private practice is rooted in attachment, CBT, and strength-based frameworks which help clients grow and heal.


What sets me a part from other therapists in my field is my extensive experience working with hundreds if not thousands of teenagers who have struggled with anxiety, depression, stress from sports, grief and loss, friendship conflict, and challenges at home. My passion is to provide a safe and comfortable space for teens and athletes so they understand the benefits of therapy and will say yes to therapy again in the future.


One thing that's special about me is I get how important it is for teenagers to feel like they matter and that someone understands them. About half of teenagers are feeling persistently sad, helpless, and lonely. In their first session, I want to give teenagers the opportunity to express themselves authentically and know they are not alone in navigating the world.


Let's work together to help your teenager thrive, grow, and be the best version of themselves. Your family's success story starts here.

Our approach to Adolescent Therapy
in Los Angeles 

Navigating the teenage years can be really tough. Teens often find it hard to control their feelings and manage stress. On top of that, they struggle to develop healthy habits and make good choices. Making friends can also be a challenge during this time. With all the stress from school and sports, teens have to learn how to take care of their bodies, minds, and emotions while still trying to meet high expectations.

Most teens feel frustrated with their parents and family members, too. They want some space, but they also need their parents' support. It's like a constant battle inside their heads. We get it. As teen therapists, we remember how lonely and misunderstood it can feel as a teen.

We make it a priority to connect with them quickly and meet them where they are. Figuring out who they are and who they want to be is a big part of what we do. We create a safe space where teens can talk openly without being judged. Studies suggest that teenagers and adolescents can recognize the advantages of therapy when they have a therapist who is compassionate, genuine, and genuinely committed to helping them. At Ashley Hudson Therapy, our teen therapists understand the importance of demonstrating our passion to help teens and providing a place to be who they are.

Friendships can be intense and all-consuming during the teen years. Having good or bad friendships can affect their social interactions; how a teen sees themselves and how they connect with others. We help teens express their feelings in a healthy way, both at home and with friends.

In counseling, we help teens find positive friendships. We work together to increase skill building and find coping strategies that really work for them. Low self-esteem is something a lot of teens deal with. We help them focus on their strengths and what they can change. Our goal as therapists in Los Angeles CA whether they're new clients or have been with us before is to make therapy a positive experience for teens.

Common Therapy Approaches Utilized
at Ashley Hudson Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is highly effective for teenagers as it helps them understand the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It equips them with practical tools to manage challenges like anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and stress.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT can be particularly beneficial for teenagers as it focuses on fostering psychological flexibility and resilience. ACT helps teens develop mindfulness skills to accept their emotions and thoughts without judgment. This enables them to clarify their values and make committed, values-aligned choices.

Attachment Based Therapy

Attachment- Based Therapy for teenagers centers around understanding and improving their emotional bonds with caregivers and peers. This therapy explores how early relationships such as a parent can impact a teen's current emotional well-being and relationships. It aims to provide a secure base from which teens can explore and develop their identities.

Currently, we do not provide services to children with developmental disabilities however we are happy to offer parents with appropriate referrals so they can get the best care. Teen counseling during adolescence is a great way to invest in your child's future. They can learn to appreciate all the unique things that make them special. If you have more questions about how teen therapy works, reach out to one of our marriage and family therapist for support and begin therapy today.

Who our therapy services are for

Our services are tailored to assist a broad spectrum of teenagers, including those who may be feeling lost, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, perfectionist, lonely, stressed, grieving, or high-achieving. We also provide support for families through couples counseling and parent coaching, recognizing the profound impact family dynamics can have on teenagers. Whether you're a teenager seeking guidance or a family looking to strengthen your connections, our compassionate and effective therapy is here to help you navigate life's challenges.

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Anxious Teenagers

Anxious teens often grapple with overwhelming worry and fear that can interfere with their daily lives. They may experience physical symptoms like restlessness, racing heartbeats, or stomachaches, coupled with constant thoughts of potential danger or negative outcomes from possible past trauma making it challenging for them to find peace and engage in typical adolescent activities.

Perfectionist Teens

Teens striving for perfection often endure immense pressure and stress in their pursuit of flawlessness. This relentless pursuit can lead to anxiety, low self-esteem, and a fear of failure, causing them to constantly feel dissatisfied with their achievements and themselves.

Depressed Teens

Depressed teens are often struggling with persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest or pleasure in activities they once enjoyed. They may also experience changes in appetite, sleep disturbances, substance use, and difficulty concentrating, which can significantly impact their real life; schooling, friendships, and family life.

Lonely Teens

Anxious teens often grapple with overwhelming worry and fear that can interfere with their daily lives. They may experience physical symptoms like restlessness, racing heartbeats, or stomachaches, coupled with constant thoughts of potential danger or negative outcomes from possible past trauma making it challenging for them to find peace and engage in typical adolescent activities.

Overwhelmed Teens

Often teens are feeling overwhelmed and find it challenging to effectively manage their stress, which can lead to heightened anxiety and emotional turmoil. They may experience racing thoughts, a constant sense of pressure, and difficulty in coping with academic, social, and personal demands, making it hard to find balance in their lives.

Stressed Athletes

 Teen athletes battling performance anxiety often endure intense pressure and self-doubt before and during competitions. This anxiety can manifest as physical symptoms, like nausea or trembling, along with a fear of making mistakes or failing, impacting their athletic performance and love for the game.

Grieving Teenagers

Grieving teens often carry the heavy burden of sorrow, confusion, and a sense of profound loss following the death of a loved one or pet, a breakup, or an end in a friendship. They may struggle with guilt, and difficulty concentrating, making it challenging for them to cope with the grieving process while continuing to go to school and participate in their daily activities.

Lost Teens

Teens who feel lost often battle with a sense of identity crisis, unsure of who they are or where they fit in. This uncertainty can lead to low self-esteem and self-doubt, as they struggle to define their values and find a sense of purpose.

High Achieving Teenagers

High-achieving teens often contend with immense pressure to maintain their exceptional performance in academics or extracurricular activities. This pressure can lead to anxiety and even burnout as they strive to meet demanding expectations and balance various commitments potentially impacting their ability to self care and ask for help.

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Benefits of therapy for teens

There are several reasons why teen therapy is helpful and incredibly beneficial. Adolescence and the teenage years are marked with significant change and challenges that can impact their mental health and emotional well-being. Teen therapy Los Angeles CA holds such vital importance in providing support to navigate those critical years successfully. 


 Emotional Well-being and Self-Improvement

Therapy offers a wealth of advantages to teenagers, primarily by supporting their emotional well-being and fostering personal growth. One of the most important benefits is emotional regulation, helping adolescents navigate the ups and downs of their emotional rollercoaster. Teen therapy equips teens with practical coping strategies to face stressors, instilling a sense of control and resilience. This translates into improved self-esteem and self-confidence, allowing them to develop a more positive self-image and a greater sense of self-worth.


In addition, adolescent therapy provides essential skills for maintaining healthy relationships, strengthening communication, and reducing conflicts with family, friends, and peers. It's a powerful tool for addressing and managing stress, anxiety and depression, offering peace and support during challenging times.

Academic Success and Healthy Habits

Beyond emotional growth, teen counseling contributes to practical benefits, positively impacting various aspects of a teenager's life. Improved stress management skills acquired through adolescent therapy can lead to better academic performance, as teens are better equipped to handle the pressures of school.


Furthermore, therapy can serve as a preventive measure against substance abuse issues, offering valuable guidance and support in making healthy choices. By equipping adolescents with conflict resolution skills, teen counseling can help reduce tension within the family and improve overall communication, facilitating a more balanced home environment.

Identity Exploration and Life Skills

Teenagers often use teen therapy as a safe space for identity exploration, allowing them to examine their values, beliefs, and aspirations. This introspection fosters personal growth and enhances their problem-solving abilities. Social skills are also sharpened; enabling teenagers to form meaningful connections and navigate social situations with greater ease.


Additionally, adolescent therapy helps children build resilience; a crucial attribute that allows teens to bounce back from adversity. It empowering adolescents with a deeper understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These versatile benefits collectively contribute to teenagers' overall well being, offering them essential tools to be successful and have a brighter future.

FAQs about working with a teen therapist
in Los Angeles CA

  • Do you provide in person therapy?
    Yes, I provide in person therapy and online therapy. Typically, it is whatever feels convenient and comfortable for the client.
  • What is the length of therapy?
    There is no definitive answer to this question. Though it’s safe to say some individuals find a few sessions are sufficient, while others choose to continue long-term (over 20 sessions). Often individuals choose to continue to work with me through additional layers as they arise while others choose to address additional items outside of the therapeutic context. We can collaborate together to help you make the ultimate choice for yourself.
  • What do I need on my first appointment?
    Prior to your appointment, please complete and sign the consent form, intake form, and good faith estimate.
  • Why choose online therapy?
    Online therapy is special in its own way because you can sit and chat with me from the comfort of your own home, office, car, or where ever feels most comfortable for you. Life is busy and full of commitments. Online therapy saves time on commute, relieves stress on rushing to make your appointment, and helps with worries of childcare. Also, sometimes it is hard for others to open up in an office setting. Online therapy is a great alternative and it allows you to sit in a place of your choosing that might help relieve those barriers.
  • Why don't you take insurance?
    I like the ability to be flexible and customize my clinical approach based on my clients needs in a way that benefits my clients without being limited by insurance companies. Insurance companies require mental health professionals to provide diagnosis and treatment plans reducing confidentiality. In addition, insurance companies can limit the number of sessions and can deny request to increase number of session a client can have.
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Get help

from a therapist who can help your teen thrive.

We understand the challenges teens face and strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for them to explore their thoughts and emotions. Therapy offers numerous benefits for teenagers, including improved emotional well-being, enhanced coping skills, and stronger relationships. Importantly, the benefits of family therapy extend beyond the teenager; parents can also experience positive changes in their relationships with their teenagers as they navigate the therapeutic process together. If you're ready to empower your teenager and strengthen your family's bonds, reach out and schedule your first appointment with a teen therapist in Los Angeles CA today!

Feeling Helpless On How To Help Your Anxious Teen?

I've created a Free  simple guide on how to support your anxious teen right now! Get 14 techniques you can use today that will help reduce your teen's anxiety. Enjoy!

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