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Welcome to Ashley Hudson Therapy

You may be feeling like you have no idea how to set limits and boundaries, there is no trust between you and your teenager, hopeless with resolving conflict. We understand, and we are here to help. 

We help parents and teens heal broken communication and trust by coming together to talk about problems they may be having within their relationship. 

If you are ready to start feeling better, reach out to a parenting therapist today.

parent coaching in orange county

Our approach to Parenting Counseling

The parent child relationship can be described in so many ways. It is a tug a war of control, a rollercoaster of emotions, an endless battle, a love so deep, countless memories held dear. In the teenage years, the loving parent child relationship can turn into a perpetual state of conflict. Teens are seeking independence. They are developing their personal identity and who they are outside of their parents and family unit.


For a parent, this can look like a teen gives you the cold shoulder, ignores you when you attempt to inquire about how they are doing, or walking on eggshells because your teen is so defensive. You might think I am crazy for saying this but conflict between parents and teenagers is common and normal. It’s actually a good thing for teens to be expressing themselves, testing the boundaries, stating their opinions, and urging for independence at any chance they get.


Instinctively, parents want to control and protect their children and it’s a challenge to set clear boundaries with teens and foster autonomy at the same time. It’s natural for teens to experiment with appearance, try out different friend choices and groups, and manage the expectations of academics. Thus, it’s a natural result for parents and teens to argue, disagree, and have conflict regarding those subjects.

Being parenting therapists, we like to bring the parents and teenager together to discuss each person’s concerns, feelings, and issues within each relationship. Our main goal as parenting therapists is to help parents and teens rebuild their love and connection for each other. There is going to be conflict even in healthy relationships and what is most crucial is finding ways to communicate to each other appropriately to resolve those conflicts.


Our specific approach to parent counseling is providing a comfortable space for teenagers to express their feelings to their parents and for parents to discuss their worries and concerns. We help facilitate creating agreements between parents and teenagers and help parents enforce healthy boundaries to foster autonomy and safety with your teen. 

Parent Counseling is a great way to create a better and healthier home environment. If you have any additional questions about how family therapy works contact a parent counselor today to schedule your first appointment.

Types of Sessions that We offer

parent coach in orange county

  Parent Counseling  

Are you a struggling parent of a teenager who is looking for tools and strategies to help you feel more confident? We provide one on one parent coaching sessions to help guide parents in feeling more confident, prepared, and adequate in managing the adolescent years. These sessions are great for parents who want one on one access to a parent therapist and their teenager is not willing to come to parent-teen sessions. 


  Parent-Teen Therapy  

Looking for a parent therapist who can help guide you and your teenager in having more positive communication. We provide parent and teen therapy sessions where we focus on facilitating and educating the parents and teenagers on effective ways to express thoughts and feelings so each person feels heard, seen, and understood. These sessions are great for motivated teenagers and parents who want to connect and have a better relationship.

parenting coaching online

  Parenting Coaching Online  

Are you a busy parent who is looking for an online parenting course that you can do at your own pace? At Illuminate Your Connection, Ashley Hudson teen therapist and parent coach has created an in-depth online parenting course that will walk you through on how to create, build, and repair your connection with your teenager. The parenting course is great for busy parents who want more in-depth education, strategies, and self-awareness. This parent coaching course is for psychoeducational and coaching purposes only. It is not a replacement for clinical care.  

ashley hudson parent coach


  • Do you provide in person therapy?
    Yes, I provide in person therapy and online therapy. Typically, it is whatever feels convenient and comfortable for the client.
  • What is the length of therapy?
    There is no definitive answer to this question. Though it’s safe to say some individuals find a few sessions are sufficient, while others choose to continue long-term (over 20 sessions). Often individuals choose to continue to work with me through additional layers as they arise while others choose to address additional items outside of the therapeutic context. We can collaborate together to help you make the ultimate choice for yourself.
  • What do I need on my first appointment?
    Prior to your appointment, please complete and sign the consent form, intake form, and good faith estimate.
  • Why choose online therapy?
    Online therapy is special in its own way because you can sit and chat with me from the comfort of your own home, office, car, or where ever feels most comfortable for you. Life is busy and full of commitments. Online therapy saves time on commute, relieves stress on rushing to make your appointment, and helps with worries of childcare. Also, sometimes it is hard for others to open up in an office setting. Online therapy is a great alternative and it allows you to sit in a place of your choosing that might help relieve those barriers.
  • Why don't you take insurance?
    I like the ability to be flexible and customize my clinical approach based on my clients needs in a way that benefits my clients without being limited by insurance companies. Insurance companies require mental health professionals to provide diagnosis and treatment plans reducing confidentiality. In addition, insurance companies can limit the number of sessions and can deny request to increase number of session a client can have.

Get help


The silent treatment, yelling, screaming, and completely avoiding each other isn’t what you envisioned your family to be. Rest assured we am here to help you reconnect and build your family back together. Contact a parent counselor today and schedule your first appointment! 

Feeling distant with your teenager and don't know how to reconnect?

I've created The Connection Mini Course for parents of teenagers looking to ignite connection fast in less than 1 hour.

Create the bond you have always wanted just in these 4 bite sized tutorial videos, journal prompts, worksheets, and more. 


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