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 My story 

I became I became a therapist to be the person I needed when I was younger. I felt like no one in my life, adults or peers, truly understood or noticed my struggles. My primary goal is to ensure you feel seen and validated for what you are experiencing.

Hi there! My name is Alli Gilden, and I am a California registered associate marriage and family therapist (AMFT #138565) and associate professional clinical counselor (APCC #13599) practicing under the supervision of Ashley Hudson (LMFT #83507).

Where it all began...

To me,

To me, therapy is all about the relationship between the therapist and client, also known as the therapeutic alliance. Research shows that a strong and trusting relationship between the therapist and client is the best indicator of successful therapy.

While completing my education at California State University of Fullerton, I gained experience working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, substance use, and eating and body issues. I have a great passion for working with teens and young adults. Figuring out who you are is an exciting and overwhelming task! Together, we can explore your strengths and areas for growth, values and morals, interests, and dreams. I also welcome and encourage conversations about current events in the counseling room, as I recognize how deeply today’s youth care about the world around them.

Helping others work through disordered eating and body issues is my greatest therapeutic passion. With 10% of individuals in the United States struggling with disordered eating, and disordered eating being the second most fatal mental illness behind opioid addiction, this work is incredibly important.

Many factors can contribute to eating and body issues, including societal views about weight, chronic dieting, comments from loved ones, internal stress, and using eating as a sense of control or coping. Without proper treatment, these issues can have lasting impacts on vital organs, disrupt supportive relationships, and increase obsession or hypervigilance. When we work through these issues together, we will understand why they are occurring and collaborate on a plan to repair the broken bonds within the body.

My approach to therapy is client-centered, meaning your treatment should be tailored to you, helping you become the expert in your own life. I have a collaborative style, walking alongside you each step of the way to make meaningful changes, develop insight and coping skills, improve your relationships, and reach your therapeutic goals. My clients appreciate my sense of humor, gentle confrontation, and “stubborn compassion.” I value the importance of providing unconditional positive regard in the counseling room and treating you with respect, acceptance, support, and empathy, regardless of what you say or do.

If you are ready to start the healing process, contact our intake coordinator today to book a session.


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HowI Help


I know therapy can feel scary and uncomfortable at first. I’m sure it took a lot to ask for help. I want my office in Yorba Linda to be a safe place, so you feel comfortable being open and vulnerable. Not only do I provide therapy in Orange County, I provide online therapy in the state of California where it’s a great opportunity to attend therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home. Teletherapy also provides convenience and less stress, where you don’t have to worry about traffic or planning to get to a location on time. I want to make the therapy experience as easy, stress-free, and comfortable as possible. I am here to support you in person and remotely. 

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