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Hi, I'm Ashley Hudson

You may be questioning whether or not you can continue playing with all these thoughts in your head. You once felt confident, passionate, and so sure of yourself and now, you are anxious before and during your games. You constantly worry about your coach's expectations and what people are thinking of you if you mess up. You just want to feel the joy of the game again.  

I help high achieving teen athletes who are silently struggling with anxiety. By helping teens get to the root of their anxiety, develop effective coping strategies, and implement relaxation techniques, teens feel more confident within themselves and they are able to re-establish that passion for the game. 

If you are ready to manage your anxiety and have fun playing again, schedule a complimentary consultation with me today.


My approach to Sport Anxiety Therapy

High achieving teenagers have some level of anxiety and perfectionism. Typically, people associate anxiety negatively such as panic, spiraling thoughts, heaviness, feeling stuck or "getting choked up," and obsessing over what other's think. Actually, a balanced level of anxiety can be very motivating and drive our passion and confidence in a positive way. It's finding that balance that can be difficult. Teens put a significant amount of pressure and expectations on themselves to succeed as athletes and students. Getting good grades, staying on top of their study habits,  being competitive and keeping their starting position, and physically being their optimal selves at practices and games is just half the load. Let's throw in trying to stay in the loop with friends, taking care of yourself emotionally, and feeling satisfied outside of sports and academics. That's a lot! Being a previous high school and collegiate athlete myself, I understand the difficulty in trying to juggle it all and the expectation that you aren't allowed to fall apart.  Setting the bar high and having to maintain that standard is exhausting and lonely. You work so hard to succeed and it can feel like you are banging your head against the wall going "why is this happening?" You try talking to your parents about the nervousness, panic, heaviness, dread, and negative thoughts you are struggling with and you feel they don't get it. Or you just get reminded that you might as well figure it out on your own.

My approach to sport anxiety therapy is providing that safe, understanding, and nonjudgement space where teen athletes feel comfortable and validated talking about the anxiety that is crippling and getting in the way of their sport performance.  I help teen athletes figure out the root of where their anxiety is stemming from and how it is trickling into academics and sports.  I help teens regain their confidence, increase their positive self talk, and identify more realistic expectations of themselves. Also, I educate teen athletes on the importance on taking care of yourself emotionally such as relaxation techniques, grounding strategies, and specific routines that will help with reducing the nervousness and worries before and during games. Sport Anxiety Therapy can help teens with having more self compassion and letting go of mistakes.  Lastly, it is so important to learn how to work with your anxiety by normalizing it and finding that sweet spot where your anxiety helps motivate and drives you to improve.  As a sport anxiety therapist in Orange County, I see high achieving teens who are ready to work on their emotional health and regain their confidence. Sport anxiety therapy can offer the opportunity to increase self esteem, set boundaries, feel more successful by setting realistic expectations, and focus more on your own improvement instead of worried about what others think.

If you feel ready to feel more confident and in control of your anxiety, contact me today for a free consultation



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If you are ready to feel confident again, contact me today to set up a free consultation and we can start this journey together. 

Feeling Helpless On How To Help Your Anxious Teen?

I've created a Free  simple guide on how to support your anxious teen right now! Get 14 techniques you can use today that will help reduce your teen's anxiety. Enjoy!

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