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Adolescent Therapy


Welcome to Ashley Hudson Therapy

You may be feeling overwhelmed with your teen's mental health issues, frustrated that you can't say or do anything to elevate the suffering they are going through, or helpless with managing your teen's emotions. We understand, and we're here to help. 

We help adolescents and teenagers develop coping skills to manage the rollercoaster of emotions and build self esteem to feel comfortable in expressing themselves and seeking emotional support from friends and family. 

If your teen is ready to start feeling better, schedule a complimentary consultation with a teen therapist today!

teen therapy orange county


The impact of the pandemic has magnified existing mental health issues in teenagers, leaving them feeling isolated, lonely, and struggling to navigate their emotions and stress. Now more than ever, teen therapy is crucial for them to learn the skills that were lost and manage the side-effects of the pandemic.  The pandemic has disrupted teen's ability to interact with friends and peers authentically. The absence of crucial social interactions has hindered teenagers' developmental milestones, preventing them from experiencing the benefits of genuine peer relationships and learning important social skills. Teenagers are in desperate need of connection and guidance. Given these circumstances, teen therapy becomes a vital resource to help teenagers cope with their emotions, develop effective and connecting social skills, and foster resilience during these challenging times.

Our approach to Adolescent Therapy 

The adolescent years are extremely difficult to navigate. It is a struggle for teens to regulate emotions and manage their stress. Let alone most teens have a tough time establishing healthy habits and making positive decisions.  Initiating friendships is a typical hurdle that most adolescents must go through. In the mist of academic stress and the pressure to succeed, teenagers are challenged with learning how to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally while still meeting their high achieving expectations of school and sports.


Most teenagers are frustrated and confused with their parents; needing space from them, however, wanting their parents close by for support. It’s an internal tug a war! We understand the difficulties of being a teen. Us, teen therapists remember how lonely it was as a teen and how it feels when most people don’t get you.


In adolescent and teen therapy, we make it a point to build rapport quickly and meet teenagers where they are at. Figuring who they are and who they want to be is a crucial component of adolescent therapy.  We strive to create a safe place where teens can feel comfortable expressing themselves without judgement. Friendships are intense and all-consuming in the teenage years. Having positive or negative friendships can affect a teenager’s self-esteem and their ability to have meaningful relationships. We help adolescents communicate their needs appropriately, so they can get the emotional support they are looking for at home and socially.

In teen therapy, we support teenagers in identifying healthy and positive friendships.  We work with teenagers to identify specific coping skills that work for them and help them implement those strategies. Low self-esteem is a big issue with adolescents. We assist teens in highlighting their strengths and focusing on what they can change. Our goal in therapy is for teens to have a positive experience with counseling.

Adolescent therapy is a good opportunity to invest in your teen and  have them learn to love all aspects of their unique and special selves! If you have any additional questions about how adolescent therapy works contact Ashley Hudson Therapy today for support.


Teenagers come to therapy with different problems, issues, and goals in mind. But, we find that there are often shared concerns that teens want to address with their Orange County therapist. Some examples of these issues are:

If this sounds like your teen, schedule a free phone consultation with one of our teen therapist today! 


teen therapy orange county

Get help


We understand the teenage times are incredibly difficult and complicated, we see you and we can help your teen. Contact a teen therapist for a free phone consultation today!

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