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Group therapy

Welcome to Ashley Hudson Therapy


You may feel like you're the only one facing this difficult challenge, imagining what it would be like if others understood exactly what you're feeling and thinking, or wishing for feedback and hearing about solutions from others. We understand, and we're here to help.

Through group therapy, you can connect with other like-minded individuals who understand exactly what you're going through and offer hope, no matter what stage you're at.

If you are ready to feel validated in your experience and no longer feel alone, call to enroll in one of our therapy groups today!



 Group therapy is a form of therapy where a small group of individuals meets regularly to learn, practice, and interact with each other on a particular challenge or topic. It's a safe place where individuals can navigate a variety of emotional, physical, or mental issues under the guidance of a trained and experienced therapist. It's an alternative approach to traditional individual therapy where you can receive feedback from others and hear about other people's life experiences.

Our approach to Group Therapy in Orange County

Most people who consider therapy or support may only envision one-on-one counseling sessions. Typically, individuals associate "therapy" with learning and sharing thoughts and ideas with just one person. Group therapy, on the other hand, is a wonderful setting to feel incredibly supported in a way that differs from individual therapy.


Here at Ashley Hudson Therapy, we focus on providing a supportive and confidential space for individuals to gather and seek tools and feedback they wouldn't receive from countless self-help books, Facebook groups, or their own peer relationships. Many individuals feel that their friends aren't going through the same pains, challenges, and struggles they currently face, leading to a significant disconnect. Our group therapists in Orange County strive to help others feel connected and foster a sense of belonging during our group therapy meetings.

Our approach to group therapy in Orange County is empathetic, compassionate, connecting, and curious. We employ Cognitive Behavioral, Attachment, ACT, and strength-based approaches that offer scientifically proven strategies effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and enhancing relationship skills. While everyone's experience is different and unique, in group therapy, you have the opportunity to hear similarities in people's experiences and the various ways they handle their challenges.

In several instances, individuals might feel more comfortable attending group therapy over individual therapy as it serves as a nice segue into learning the therapeutic process and the benefits of therapy without participating in one-on-one sessions. Additionally, some individuals prefer to supplement their individual therapy services with group therapy to gain more opportunities to practice their newly learned skills with others and receive additional emotional support from those who understand them on a deeper level.

If you're ready to receive emotional support from people who understand exactly what you're going through,

 contact our intake coordinator today to enroll.



The benefits of group therapy are remarkable across all age groups. Learning from others, finding the courage to tell your story, receiving and giving feedback, and being part of others' journeys is incredibly healing.

Most therapy and support groups offer psychoeducation, social skills, parenting support, coping strategies, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and different perspectives that can be challenging to receive or learn on your own.

It can be very difficult going through life feeling like your loved ones don't understand you! Here at Ashley Hudson Therapy, group therapy is a place where you can finally feel seen and heard by others.

If you are ready to gain support in a group setting, enroll in one of our group therapy programs today.

Types of Groups that We Offer:

Teen-Group-Therapy-Social- Anxiety.png

  Social Anxiety Teen Group 

Social anxiety teen group is designed to help teens navigate friendships in the mist of struggling with social anxiety. Friendships are deeply important to feeling a sense of belonging and positive mental health. At Ashley Hudson Therapy, we strive to empower our clients to build meaningful connections both within themselves and with others. This therapy group for teenagers will cover topics such as understanding social anxiety, how social anxiety impacts friendships, increase positive self talk, identify healthy coping skills, practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and ways to be more assertive when managing social anxiety. The group meets on Saturdays


  'Hot Girl Summer' Support Group 

Our Single Women's Dating Support Group is a nurturing space for young adult women navigating the complexities of modern dating. In our group, you'll find understanding hearts, supportive ears, and valuable insights into the world of dating and relationships. Together, we empower each other to overcome challenges, celebrate successes, and build confidence in our journey to find meaningful connections. Let's navigate the dating world together, one swipe at a time.



  • Do you provide in person therapy?
    Yes, I provide in person therapy and online therapy. Typically, it is whatever feels convenient and comfortable for the client.
  • What is the length of therapy?
    There is no definitive answer to this question. Though it’s safe to say some individuals find a few sessions are sufficient, while others choose to continue long-term (over 20 sessions). Often individuals choose to continue to work with me through additional layers as they arise while others choose to address additional items outside of the therapeutic context. We can collaborate together to help you make the ultimate choice for yourself.
  • What do I need on my first appointment?
    Prior to your appointment, please complete and sign the consent form, intake form, and good faith estimate.
  • Why choose online therapy?
    Online therapy is special in its own way because you can sit and chat with me from the comfort of your own home, office, car, or where ever feels most comfortable for you. Life is busy and full of commitments. Online therapy saves time on commute, relieves stress on rushing to make your appointment, and helps with worries of childcare. Also, sometimes it is hard for others to open up in an office setting. Online therapy is a great alternative and it allows you to sit in a place of your choosing that might help relieve those barriers.
  • Why don't you take insurance?
    I like the ability to be flexible and customize my clinical approach based on my clients needs in a way that benefits my clients without being limited by insurance companies. Insurance companies require mental health professionals to provide diagnosis and treatment plans reducing confidentiality. In addition, insurance companies can limit the number of sessions and can deny request to increase number of session a client can have.

Get help


If you are ready to feel heard and receive effective tools, enroll in one of our therapy groups today to set up your first appointment.

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