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Depression Therapy


Welcome to Ashley Hudson Therapy

You may be feeling extreme sadness, lonely, a burden to others, or have low self- worth. We understand, and we are here to help. 

We help people invest in themselves again by educating them on self care, learn self-compassion, and implement coping skills to highlight people’s strengths and self-worth. 

If you are ready to start feeling better, contact our intake coordinator and they will schedule you an appointment with a depression therapist today.

depression therapist orange county california

Our approach to Depression Therapy

People with depression often feel incredibly stuck, hopeless, and unmotivated to accomplish the day-to-day tasks. Depression affects millions of people every day. It is more common than you might think. Even though you feel alone in your thoughts and your sadness, more people than not are experiencing the same or at least have gone through what you are going through right now.


As depression therapists, we hear people say it feels like a stormy cloud that never goes away or they are stuck in mud in which they can’t walk through. It’s so tiring to pick up each foot and walk forward. People who are seeking depression therapy have a hard time reaching out to others because the depression tells them that “no one is going to understand” or they feel embarrassed to tell others why things are so hard. Then, when you’ve tried to talk to some someone about it, others might say, “well just do it… or just feel better.”


Others might view people who struggle with depression like it’s a simple quick fix or an easy change of the mindset. At times, depression can feel uncontrollable, and it takes effort to work your way out of it. Our approach to depression therapy is meeting people where they are at and giving others unconditional positive regard, so they don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about their sadness and hopelessness.

We help people identify small goals so they can take gradual steps to get better. We support people in their small victories of success. We encourage people who are feeling stuck to seek out simple and practical activities that will give them joy. We help educate people on depression, how it affects the body and mind, and relationships.

We dive in with people on figuring out the root of the depression so people can become more aware of their tendencies, triggers, and patterns that have gotten them stuck in the first place. Depression Therapy is a good place to identify what it is you are grateful for and to re-calibrate what’s important in your life.

If you are looking for a change that needs to happen, then depression therapy is the road to take. We are with you every step of the way. Contact a depression therapist to schedule your appointment.

depression therapist orange county california


  • Do you provide in person therapy?
    Yes, I provide in person therapy and online therapy. Typically, it is whatever feels convenient and comfortable for the client.
  • What is the length of therapy?
    There is no definitive answer to this question. Though it’s safe to say some individuals find a few sessions are sufficient, while others choose to continue long-term (over 20 sessions). Often individuals choose to continue to work with me through additional layers as they arise while others choose to address additional items outside of the therapeutic context. We can collaborate together to help you make the ultimate choice for yourself.
  • What do I need on my first appointment?
    Prior to your appointment, please complete and sign the consent form, intake form, and good faith estimate.
  • Why choose online therapy?
    Online therapy is special in its own way because you can sit and chat with me from the comfort of your own home, office, car, or where ever feels most comfortable for you. Life is busy and full of commitments. Online therapy saves time on commute, relieves stress on rushing to make your appointment, and helps with worries of childcare. Also, sometimes it is hard for others to open up in an office setting. Online therapy is a great alternative and it allows you to sit in a place of your choosing that might help relieve those barriers.
  • Why don't you take insurance?
    I like the ability to be flexible and customize my clinical approach based on my clients needs in a way that benefits my clients without being limited by insurance companies. Insurance companies require mental health professionals to provide diagnosis and treatment plans reducing confidentiality. In addition, insurance companies can limit the number of sessions and can deny request to increase number of session a client can have.

Get help


Depression can be incredibly debilitating, and you may feel defeated, but I am here to help install hope. Contact one of our depression therapist today to set up your first appointment and we can start the healing journey together. 

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