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Grief Counseling


Welcome to Ashley Hudson Therapy

You may be feeling numbness, an inability to enjoy life, intense sorrow. We understand, and we are here to help. 


We help people by educating them on what grief and loss is and listening deeply to their pain while walking with them through the process of grief and loss. 

If you are ready to start feeling better, schedule a complimentary consultation with a grief counselor today.

grief counselor orange county california

Our approach to Grief Counseling

Most people will experience grief at some point in their lifetime. Typically, people associate grief with a loved one or a pet dying however, we can feel grief by a breakup in a relationship, a loss of a job, loved ones moving away, broken dreams, or any other major life transition.


Everyone experiences grief differently and uniquely. In several instances, people think they need to be “fixed” or there is a particular way to process grief. Grief doesn’t work like that. Grief is tangled and messy. There is no straight line to experience grief. The sense of loss can be earthshattering and incredibly painful. So painful that some people who are experiencing grief and loss shut off their feelings and are left feeling numb.


When working with someone who is grieving over a loss, sometimes they might equate moving forward as having to forget about that person, place, experience, or loss of relationship. In grief counseling, several individuals don’t realize that their current grief and loss might bring up past unresolved trauma and grief. Our approach to grief counseling is helping individuals understand and be aware of how they grieve.


Processing grief and loss is individualized and unique to that specific person. We create a safe place where individuals who are grieving can explore whatever thoughts and feelings come up for them. In grief counseling, we help people recognize all their feelings and emotions and accept all those feelings as valid. We help people find ways to communicate their needs with others and increase support around them so they don’t have to feel alone in their grief journey.

As grief counselors in Orange County, we see people who are questioning their own mortality and meaning in life after a loss. Grief counseling can help you move forward by honoring those cherished, reflecting on current and past grief, communicating needs of others, and discover what life looks like in the future.

If you feel ready to explore your grief and heal from your loss, contact a grief counselor today for a free consultation

grief counseling orange county california


Get help


If you are ready to start the healing journey together, contact one of our grief counselors today to set up a free consultation.

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