adolescent therapy orange county

  Adolescent Therapy  

Adolescent years are some of the toughest years to go through. Teens are experiencing so much change; physically, emotionally, and mentally. Not only are they trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be, adolescences are also attempting to navigate social groups.  In adolescent therapy, I help teens identify strategies to help regulate emotions and make healthy decisions. I focus on building self esteem and confidence in their strengths and teach them communication skills on how to solve problems. 

family therapy orange county

  Family Therapy  

Parenting is really HARD. Are you quietly worried about your teen? Do you feel like you and your teen have a contentious relationship? Is there constant silence between you and your teen? I help parents and teens come together and talk about problems they may be having within the relationship. I offer family therapy and parenting sessions that focus on repairing the relationship between you and your adolescent and as well as helpful strategies you can use to better communicate your concerns. 

young adult therapy orange county

  Young Adult Therapy  

Are you having difficulty adjusting to life's challenges? Do you feel anxious about the future and what life will bring? I help young adults discuss life's challenges and any concerns that may be affecting your relationships.  Together, I help you feel empowered to make big decisions so you can pursue the things that give you joy and happiness. Also, I support you in figuring out your social needs and wants and how to cultivate meaningful relationships.

depresion therapy orange county

  Depression Therapy  

While occasional bad moods or acting out is to be expected during the teenage and young adulthood years, depression is something different. The negative effects of adolescent depression go far beyond a melancholy mood.  I want to remind you that the light is at the end of the tunnel and you don’t have to feel stuck in a rut or fear things won’t get better. 

anxiety therapy orange county

  Anxiety Therapy  

Looking for help with Anxiety? All humans experience a degree of anxiety. Sometimes, anxiety can get out of hand, and you may feel: stuck, constantly overwhelmed, excessive self doubt, and demonstrate physical symptoms. I am here to support you feeling more in control and anxious free. I assist individuals in identifying coping skills that specifically work for them.  

grief counseling orange county

  Grief Counseling  

Often people associate grief with
the loss of a loved one, and while this is true, it is not the only form of loss. Grief is a natural reaction to loss. Grieving is normal and healthy however grief may be an experience adolescents and young adults resist or have difficulty understanding how to grief. There is no right or wrong way to grief. I will help you move forward by honoring your own grief journey.

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Ashley Hudson Therapist Orange County


I'm a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing since 2010. I am located in Yorba Linda, CA. I am a Yorba Linda native and went to college playing collegiate softball. My background with teens and young adults goes back to coaching high school softball and volunteering at a local group home. I have spent the last decade working in the school districts for public and nonpublic schools. At Ashley Hudson Therapy, I offer telehealth counseling services. I am eclectic in my approach to therapy and adapt to the individual needs of each client. I work from an attachment based and client centered framework. My primary specialties are depression, anxiety, and grief and loss. I work with adolescences, teens, and young adults. In addition, I provide family therapy for parents of teens who are particularly struggling with having a healthy and positive relationship with their teenager(s).  


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Are you desperately wanting change? Have you been thinking enough is enough? Are you having a hard time just letting go of the little things? Do you want to feel content and enjoy life again? You are not alone. I am here for those who want to be brave and courageous. It is not an easy step to take! Let’s find your unique tools that will help you accomplish your goals.