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Free Masterclass for Parents of Teens


Ashley Hudson is a licensed marriage and family therapist and passionate parent coach who enjoys helping parents of teenagers reconnect with their teens and become the parent they always dreamed of.

Parent testimonials:

  • "Ashley gave me the tools to do the hard work. She has such amazing insight into the teenage child. She helped me create connection and gave me the tools to examine better responses towards my teen so I know how to meet him where he is.” - Kelly, mom of teen boy

  • "Ashley is passionate about the clients she serves. Her dedication to helping teens and parents is admirable. I greatly appreciate her help and support." -Mayra, mom of 2 teens

  • "Ashley not only helped me with a better connection with my teen but the strategies discussed benefited my connections with people at work and in my marriage. I am grateful for Ashley's encouragement and tools she has provided me." - Liz, mom of 1 teen daughter

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This step by step training will reveal the top secrets to break through the wall between you and your teenager and create a strong connection where your teenager is going to want to talk to you and be around you.

In this FREE advanced masterclass you'll discover:

  • How to create a deeper relationship with your teenager without feeling rejected, unwanted, and hurt.

  • The secret behind actually getting your teenager to talk to you and confide in you… no more feeling like they are a stranger in your home.

  • The #1 thing parents can do to bring their teenagers closer to them, not drive them away. (it can seem small, but has big rewards)

  • You’ll walk away feeling more confident, clear, and ready to connect with your teenager and build a lifelong relationship with them.

DETAILS: Wednesday July 12th @ 12pm Pacific
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