• Ashley Hudson LMFT

What is Good and Effective Praise?

There are many benefits to praise. Praise can encourage a variety of behaviors and help develop a sense of self for the child. Praise helps build healthy self-esteem and reinforces positive social behaviors such as manners, sharing, and positive work ethic. Praise helps understand what's important to you as parents regarding your specific values and beliefs within the home. By using praise, parents can boost children's efforts towards a task or activity. Lastly, praise supports children in developing their strengths, talents, and independence and teaches them to instill their own positive self-talk. Here is how you can make praise effective: 1. Make sure praise immediately follows the positive behavior you want to observe. 2. Frame your praise positively. Do not mix criticism with praise. 3. Make sure your praise is authentic and realistic. 4. Praise needs to be very specific. Sometimes we are too vague with saying "Good Job." Try to mention the specific action you are praising about. 5. Praise your child's effort, not result. 6. Avoid using labels when praising instead focus your praise on their actions and effort towards the task at hand.

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